so the little girl went home.

i dont wanna bad-mouthing her but somehow it feels difficult not to say something bad about someone you dont really like.

well, she comes from a very different background family which my mom found out quite hard to handle. fyi, my mom really hates someone who has no manner and i think my mom finally gave up. it was only around been a month though.

i’ve told her that she should take a younger one, like 4 or 5 years old child whose still has a very-innocent-behavior so she could handle him/her.

as for myself, i dont really have opinion about her. honestly i was thinking that she was only another guest so i dont really mind. i tried my best to give her advices (which made her asking me “have you gotten married and where is your child) and not to scold her. well, thanks to Hello Baby. scolding a little child won’t help you, instead of yelling at him/her, you must talk to her/him so they would understand what you really mean.

the problem is, she doesnt seem understand. she behaves like a 3 years old instead of 7. is it because his dad ever hit her in the head? LIKE EXCUSE ME HITTING A LITTLE CHILD IN THE HEAD?! and two days ago my mom brought her to the hospital to check her (because she keeps coughing we were afraid she got something with her lungs) and she found out that she is underweight. she is like…only 13 kg.

so the father picked her up yesterday night. dad and mom had different opinion. dad thought it would be good if she went home so she could babysitting her brother and her father looked relieved having his daughter again while my mom thought the father didnt look happy at all to receive his daughter back.

oh, i dont know. this kind of problem actually kind of difficult to comprehend. i think i need to re-think about adopt a child once i become an independent and have a job.


Mattel Launching Limited-Edition

Barbie Lagerfeld Doll

Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collaboration involves what must be the world’s smallest pair of fingerless gloves. They’re to fit the dainty hands of Barbie Lagerfeld, a limited-edition doll being launched this fall by American toy giant Mattel Inc. and the iconic, Paris-based designer. For More

do you think i could wear something like this? xD

did my skin change from oily-combination into normal skin? i can’t feel the usual-oily-skin on my skin and this feels….bizarre.

How long has it been hngggh kayaknya  kalo udah dirumah emang rada-rada ga konsen buat curhat oh curhat ke blog gitu because I don’t feel lonely at all huahaha

And that just made me realized that actually the reason why I always text my old friends was because I always feel lonely whenever I go back to Malang. Here, home, I don’t even think I need to check my phone which caused me a lil bit trouble with my business and organization haha. I feel a little bit guilty for Ibnu because he called me like 12 times today and I didn’t pick any of his calls.

Okay so I’ve been watching so many movies and TV series—those kind of spy-ing thingy and being a secret agent—and I feel like writing a suspense story. Well, I just feel it. Now I’m just gonna watch them again and again and imagining myself being-suddenly-martial-arts-master. I always wanted to try martial arts though.

And btw I met Nisa’ yesterday when taraweeh in Syuhada as usual and guess what is it because I didn’t meet her for about two years or how but I think she got taller and taller. When will her body stop growing? I mean, come on. I’m only her shoulder high. So I think one of requirement my future husband should afford is that his height must be 180cm minimum (heh). Perbaikan keturunan, okay? And don’t you think it would be better if he is a foreigner? I’ve ‘ordered’ a French-Moslem from Nisa’ when she went to Paris few weeks ago though (ok that was just kidding).

 I don’t do much when I’m home. I tried some new menus (burrito and chicken steak hnggh) which were my family liked (and I think I’m gonna try another recipe for steak). Installing PS CS6 (uh yeah) and AutoCAD 2010 (UH YEAH I’M READY FOR INTERIOR DESIGNING DEAR) and got a lil problem with my dad’s ultrabook.  


The Bond way. #9gag

lol yes

So this is the plan:

Live in Birmingham, and then go back to Indonesia when Ramadhan comes